Kara and Moypa traveled in from out of state for their photos and after talking with her sister they settled on a Colorado mountain lake engagement at St. Mary’s Glacier. I met up with them a few weeks back for the adventurous afternoon up the trail to the glacier. We experienced everything from sideways blowing rain to sunshine and calm winds over the course of a couple hours.

They were open to just about everything and didn’t even flinch when I asked them to get into the ice cold mountain lake water. We explored all of the nearby area from windblown trees to a gorgeous grove of wildflowers. It was a quiet evening and we only ran into a few other groups of hikers which only added to the serenity of the environment.

Congratulations you two! It’s was a pleasure meeting you both and exploring such a beautiful place.

A couple stand in a grove of windblown trees at St. Mary's Glacier
Kara and Moypa stand in a field of wildflowers near Idaho Springs
A couple walk across the stream at St. Mary's Glacier
Moypa kisses Kara near the water edge during their St. Mary's Glacier engagement session
A couple is framed in driftwood at St. Mary's Glacier during their Idaho Springs engagement session
Kara and Moypa share a laugh during their engagement session at St. Mary's Glacier
Moypa picks up Kara on a rock in the pond at St. Mary's Glacier during their engagement session