The past year was easily the most challenging and rewarding that I’ve had in my career. I chose to focus more of my energy towards my wedding work and it paid off for both my clients and myself. The couples that I worked with this year were incredible. They trusted me with some wild ideas for images and it all paid off in the end.

Below you’ll find some images from “behind the scenes.” This should help provide a glimpse into not only what it takes to make outstanding images, but also the extra things that we do to help create a fantastic customer experience on the wedding day. Couples have been raving about their experiences and nothing could make me happier as a small business owner. I may be a photographer but my goal is to provide a day that my clients will never forget. Whether that means wading into the river for a photo (don’t worry – all the backup gear and memory cards were safe on dry land), pouring champagne for the mother of the bride during a break in the action, or putting myself and my camera in precarious positions for just the right shot, myself and second photographers will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.

I couldn’t do any of this without the help of some amazing friends and photographers. Travis second shot most of the year for me when he wasn’t busy shooting his own weddings. We spend a lot of time together, almost as much as we spend with our spouses. He made some outstanding images for my clients this year and as you’ll see below, isn’t afraid to stand in the rain, perform emergency surgery on a bridesmaid’s gown, help a bride practice her first dance or clean up. Anya shot several weddings with me and on one instance even reapplied a bride’s makeup with her own in a pinch. I have a lot of things in my camera bag to solve problems but powder foundation is not one of them. It takes a team effort to be prepared for anything and everything on the wedding day. As much as we’re photographers, we’re also problem solvers.

I hope you enjoy looking back on the interesting, in-between moments from the year. After shooting 25 weddings and 170,413 images it’s nice to finally relax, drink a beer and get ready for the 2019 wedding season. I don’t have long though, the first wedding of the year is just three weeks away.

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