Every single wedding presents its own set of challenges but we do our best to go above and beyond for each couple. It’s definitely a requirement to create dynamic, lasting images of the unique moments of their day and since we’re with them from start to finish we strive to make it a legendary experience as well. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to capture a memorable picture for one of my couples and once again I have visual proof. Just like the 2018 outtakes, the images below provide a little insight to the “behind the scenes.”

The photos below prove a couple things about me. I’m able to babysit and capture photos simultaneously. I can hold my own on the dance floor against any mother of the bride who challenges me. I carry bug spray to every engagement session. I’m not afraid to climb anything in dress clothes. I’ll do whatever it takes for one of my couples and their families.

It takes a team to do what we do and I’m so thankful to have some of the most talented, hardworking and genuine people I know by my side each wedding day. I ask a lot of Travis throughout the wedding season and he always delivers. Whether it’s when I needed him to chase away a flock of Canadian geese or the time he shlepped lighting equipment in the dark in miserably hot and humid weather in Missouri, he never complains. Michael was a new addition to the team this year and served as a model lighting test subject when he wasn’t hiding in the bushes for the perfect angle. My fiancée, Amy, also joined me for several engagement sessions when she wasn’t creating award winning video content for The Denver Post. I’m looking forward to having her do video at some of our weddings this coming year.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the countless other vendors who we worked with throughout the year. From planners to DJs, it truly does take a team to execute a couple’s vision and we’re happy to play a small but integral part in that process.

This past wedding season seemed to fly by because I was able to work with so many incredible couples and colleagues along the way. To each and all of you, thank you. It’s because of you that I love what I do. Photographing weddings are a joy and I wouldn’t trade it for any other job.

After a successful 2019 wedding season took me all over the country, I had a blast laughing at our behind the scenes moments and I hope you do too. The 2020 wedding season starts in just two weeks for us and we can’t wait to get it started!

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