It’s not often that I get to photograph my friends so when the opportunity presents itself it’s always something that I look forward to.

Michael has been a good friend since we lived next door to each other in the dorms our freshman year of undergrad and we later roomed together during a semester abroad in Rome. Carlyle and I are both marketing geeks so it’s been fun to talk shop while we’ve been able to get to know each other the past eight months or so.
Along with a few others, Michael helped push me to pursue photography while we were in Italy so I almost owe him for where I am today. With that in mind, I’m excited to be shooting their upcoming wedding.
They met downtown and spent several dates at and around Riverfront Park so that’s where we spent most of our time for their engagement photos on Tuesday evening. I have  also shot several other LoDo engagement sessions.
After a torrential downpour almost ruined our plans, the clouds parted just enough to give us a dramatic, overcast sky that was great to shoot under.
I’m definitely looking forward to both shooting and celebrating their wedding in Steamboat Springs a few months from now.

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