In 2006, while studying abroad in Rome, my interest for photography grew to a point where a group of friends convinced me that it was something that I should really pursue. Not only was Michael one of those friends, he was my roommate. This wedding meant a little bit more to me.

A quick conversation about his engagement, his new wonderful gal and the upcoming wedding happened during a round of golf last fall, and I’ve been looking forward to documenting their day since.
Fast forward to 11am on Saturday at Catamount Ranch Club and I thought all that build up was going to get muddled by the weather. Josh and I showed up a few hours early to get the photobooth set up but were halted by the torrential downpour. Seriously, it was like the armageddon of rain storms. After trying (unsuccessfully) to move on to plan B, C, and D for the photobooth location we headed back into town to start shooting the day. I’d have to get it set up during the dinner hour.
Over the course of the next four or so hours the rain dissipated and the clouds parted just before the start of the ceremony. What could have been disastrous turned into perfect weather. I’m not sure who was more relieved, myself or Carlyle.
The rest, as we say, is history.
Congrats you two!