It was an absolute pleasure to be part of Shabnam and Joseph’s Garden of the Gods Resort wedding. I have photographed a LOT of weddings and these two might be the most genuine people I’ve ever worked with. I feel like Joseph can talk to anyone about anything. Shabnam looks you in the eye and listens, actually listens, to what you have to say. They’re the type of human beings that we all hope our children grow up to be like. After meeting their parents and spending such an emotional day with them, I can see where they get it from. I’m a wedding photojournalist and while the service that I provide is important, it feels like so much more than that when I get the chance to work for couples like Shabnam & Joseph. I’ve been really looking forward to this one since their fall colors engagement photos in Breckenridge last year.

While Shabnam and the ladies had a relatively quiet morning getting ready, Anya was down the hall documenting all of the guys shenanigans. The day was full of laughter, tears and so many emotions in between. Although the day was mentally taxing, they didn’t take themselves too seriously and made sure to incorporate their goofy sides in their special day. There was too much happening to describe it all so scroll down and enjoy some of my favorite, storytelling images of the day. Congratulations you too, I’m so glad that we got to contribute a small part to your Garden of the Gods Resort wedding.

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