Capturing this mountaintop proposal in Colorado was an absolute adrenaline rush. James contacted me a few months back as he was planning on proposing during their vacation here. Guanella Pass was the perfect location because it was easy to get to and has some spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

I spotted their car on the drive up so our timing was perfect. After they headed up the trail I snuck up the backside of the hill and hid behind a rock until James gave me a thumbs up. Thankfully Laurie never saw me as James got down on one knee. He asked, and of course, she said yes. She was completely surprised, again, when James pointed me out in the distance. We spent the next hour capturing some portraits and moments of the two of them in perfect conditions.

Congratulations you two, it was a treat to witness and capture this moment for you!

James proposes to Laurie on Guanella Pass
Laurie and James admire their engagement ring after the surprise proposal
Laurie and James share a laugh after their surprise proposal on Guanella Pass
A couple sit on a rock atop Guanella Pass
James picks up his fiancee Laurie
Laurie and James run on Guanella Pass after their mountaintop proposal in Colorado
A couple share a moment on a rock on Guanella Pass
A newly engaged couple share a moment on Guanella Pass
The sun sets behind James and Laurie as they embrace following their surprise proposal on Guanella Pass in Colorado
A couple pose following their surprise proposal in Guanella Pass at twilight
A couple is silhouetted against a rock at sunset atop Guanella Pass

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