Colorado was showing off for Danielle and Gabe’s fall colors engagement near Frisco. I met up with them at Outer Range for a quick beer before we explored the surrounding area. A secret spot was our first spot and the colors were exceptional. After an outfit change we ventured over to Dillon Reservoir for the rest of the evening.

Not only were the aspen trees stunning but we were also treated to a great sunset to cap off the session.

I can’t wait for their wedding at Piney River Ranch next fall.

Danielle and Gabe smile and embrace during their engagement photos
A couple walks in an aspen grove in Frisco, Colorado
Danielle and Gabe sit on the side of a mountain as the sun shines through the trees behind them
A couple hugs in an aspen grove near Peak One in Firsco, Colorado
A couple embrace near a hillside of aspen trees during fall in Frisco, Colorado
Gabe sits on a fence as Danielle smiles at him in Frisco, Colorado
Gabe and Danielle kiss
A couple walks together along a trail near Dillion Reservoir near a hillside of golden aspen trees during their engagement photos
A couple is silhouetted against a building at sunset
Danielle and Gabe are illuminated near an aspen grove as the sunset lights up the sky
Danielle and Gabe pose at twilight on a trail near Frisco, Colorado

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