Hannah and James are fellow Colorado natives and love the outdoors so I was excited that they wanted to venture to a couple of new locations for their Evergreen engagement session. We met up at the Maxwell Falls trailhead, enjoyed some Jack and Cokes (their favorite) and played with their new Australian Shepard puppy Rey. She was having a blast tromping in the snow and even managed to sit still for a couple photos which wasn’t an easy task.

James’ mother took the dog with her back to the city so that Hannah, James and I could continue searching out interesting locations and pockets of light in the forest. The trail was a little to muddy to make it all the way to the falls so instead we drove over to Alderfer Three Sister’s Park and hiked up to Brother’s Lookout. The hike to the top only took about 15 minutes and the view was worth every calorie we burned along the way.

The clouds prevented us from enjoying some screaming light but thankfully I brought a light stand with me to the top and used it to create my favorite photo of the day. I found a natural pool of water in the rocks that created the perfect reflection, especially with Hannah’s red dress. I joked during our initial meeting that I always try to shoot the brides in a red dress during engagement sessions and she was so excited that she bought one for the shoot!

James and Hannah have an incredible love story many years in the making and are a blast to hang out with. It’s safe to say that I’m thrilled to be photographing their wedding this fall at Baldoria on the Water.

Hannah and James pose together in an aspen grove at Maxwell Falls in Evergreen, Colorado
Hannah and James pose with their Austrailian Shepard puppy in Evergreen during their engagement photos
A couple shares a laugh at Maxwell Falls during their Evergreen engagement session
James and Hannah pose in the forest at Maxwell Falls near Evergreen
A couple is silhouetted against the sky in Evergreen
Hannah and James walk in the forest during their Evergreen engagement photos
A couple pose together during their winter evergreen engagement session
A couple are silhouetted against a rock in Evergreen during their creative engagement photo session
James and Hannah laugh together during their engagement session
A couple pose on Brother's Lookout at Alderfer Three Sister's Park during their Evergreen engagement photos
James hugs Hannah on Brother's Lookout at Alderfer Three Sister's Park during their Evergreen engagement session
A couple is reflected in a pool of water while posing at Brother's Lookout in Alderfer Three Sister's Park during their Evergreen engagement photos

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