I’ve been wanting to photograph in Crested Butte for some time now. Capturing Kelly and Willy’s Colorado small mountain town engagement seemed like the perfect excuse for a trip to the area. Ever since I witnessed and documented their Valentine’s Day proposal in Denver I’ve been excited to work with them again. They have incredible energy and wonderful chemistry together that makes them a joy to photograph.

We were lucky to be able to spend the night before in CB at a family friend’s mountain home. Kelly and Willy joined Amy and I where we enjoyed a few bottles of wine over a few hours of great conversation. The next morning we woke up to rain, sleet, snow and low fog. I didn’t think we would be able to make pictures at all. By about mid-day the sky began to clear up just a bit. We raced to get of the house and were treated with gorgeous fall colors, fog and the first snowfall on Mount Crested Butte and Snodgrass Mountain. The quaking aspen trees were so vibrant it felt like we were in a painting.

After a few hours of exploring we had a break back at the house for a bite to eat and change of clothes. The weather was only getting better which allowed us to venture downtown, Peanut Lake and more of the iconic mountains in and around CB.

This was definitely one of the most picturesque engagement sessions in Colorado that I’ve captured. Willy and Kelly were a treat to work with and this experience only makes me more excited for their wedding in Denver next summer.

An aerial view of a couple surrounded by golden aspen trees walking along a dirt road in Crested Butte during their engagement session
A couple embraces near Mount Crested Butte covered in golden aspen trees and snow and surrounded by fog during their engagement photos
A young couple lean their heads together during their fall engagement photos
A couple walks along the ridge near White Rock Mountain in Crested Butte during their fall photo session
Willy kisses Kelly’s forehead in an aspen grove during their fall engagement session
Willy and Kelly embrace for a portrait near Mt Baldy in Crested Butte during the fall
Willy and Kelly hug on a bridge over Coal Creek in Crested Butte
A couple sits on a park bench surrounded by aspen leaves in downtown Crested Butte
A couple share a kiss near colorful aspen leaves
A cute couple shares a laugh outside The Dogwood in Crested Butte during their engagement photos
Willy and Kelly hug near an aspen grove at Peanut Lake in Crested Butte
A woman in a red dress and man in a suit pose for a portrait as golden aspen trees glow on Gothic Mountain
An engaged couple run in an aspen grove during their engagement photos
An aerial view of a couple lying on the ground, surrounded by golden aspen trees in Crested Butte