Last week I traveled to Chicago for the first of several times this year to help my close friend and fellow photojournalist Travis document Marjorie and Brian’s Morton Arboretum wedding.

Getting to work with someone you know really well is a huge advantage because we often know what the other is thinking and as a team we can capitalize on making the best photos possible. It’s really no different than any other assignment that I work on in a team environment.

When I’m the second photojournalist I don’t have the luxury of having met the client and having a relationship with them so I have to work even harder to develop a rapport with them and their family rather quickly. Being one of the bros is just part of my nature so I fit in pretty well with Brian and his group of guys in the early afternoon while they got ready.

Thankfully the rain held off and the sun even came out for a few minutes and that allowed us to take advantage of the fantastic arboretum where Marjorie’s family are members. The hedge maze provided a great backdrop for a couple of images before heading off to the ceremony.

The 10 hour day on my feet definitely wasn’t easy but making a few frames that I’m pleased with makes what I do always worth it.

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